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Policy Manual
Approved September, 2017:  Effective January 1, 2018 
For persons not residing or paying taxes to the City of Selkirk, the Rural Municipality of St Andrews, the Rural Municipality of St. Clements or the Village of Dunnottar: 
1.1 Non-Resident Fees are as follows $75.00 for one year and $20.00 for three months. 
1.2 In special circumstances, a limited membership may also be permitted. A limited membership permits an adult or a child to borrow a maximum of two library materials. These items must be returned before others may be borrowed. 
1.3 An institutional membership may be established for not forprofit institutions, schools, and businesses. This membership shall allow the chief officer of a business, school or non-profit institution to authorize an employee to borrow materials in the institution's name for its use. The chief officer is responsible for any and all charges incurred by individuals using the card.  
1.4 Inactive memberships: Patrons who have not used their memberships in a two year period will be removed from the membership base. 

2.1 All members must be registered and have a valid library card to borrow library materials. 
2.2 All members must register in person for a new card and sign the patron registration card committing them to abide by the regulations of the Gaynor Family Regional Library. 
2.3 Identification is required. A valid driver's license or any other official identification that provides proof of current residency is required; however, any other official ID or recent non personal piece of mail may be acceptable. This is at the discretion of the Director of Library Services. The Gaynor Family Regional Library abides by a strict policy on personal privacy and the collection of any and all information will be held and controlled under the terms outlined in the privacy statement. The Gaynor Family Regional Library adheres strictly to all sections of the Privacy Legislation regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users. 
2.4 Applicants under the age of sixteen must have a parent or guardian give their consent in person on the Patron Registration Card before a new membership can be issued. 
2.5 All library cards expire after 2 years, excluding non-resident and temporary memberships. In order to renew a library card, patrons must verify their current residency and must clear all outstanding fines and bills. Payment arrangement and options are at the discretion of the Director of Library Services and every attempt will be made to find a suitable arrangement. 
2.6 All patrons are expected to bring their library cards with them if they intend to check out items. 
2.7 Suspension of library privileges is at the discretion of the Director of Library Services. Reinstatement of library privileges will be decided on an individual basis by the Director of Library Services.
3.1 Number of items borrowed at the Gaynor Family Regional Library is limited to twenty-five items per member at one time to a maximum of fifty. The Director of Library Services shall have discretionary power to determine the number of items which may be borrowed. 
3.2 Reserves may be placed by patrons either in person, on-line or over the telephone. Patrons will be notified by telephone when the materials are available. There is no charge to a patron for placing a reserve. Once notified, a patron has three business days to pick up the requested item before the item is placed back into circulation. 
3.3 Loan Period
The Gaynor Family Regional Library has limited resources and a great demand for materials. Therefore specific loan periods have been established to provide maximum use of available materials. The regular loan period for materials is three weeks, unless otherwise specified. Generally reference books do not circulate. Upon request some reference materials may be checked out for a period determined by the Director of Library Services. The Director may establish the loan period for special collections. 
3.4 Interlibrary loans are due the date indicated by the lending library. 
3.5 Periodicals may be checked out for one week. 
3.6 The loan period for audio books is three weeks. 
3.7 The loan period for DVDs is one week. 
3.8 Overdue Materials:The purpose of overdue notices is to secure the return of library property for continuous use. The purpose of fines is to provide partial reimbursement to the library for materials, staff and processing time.
Fines - Overdue Schedule
Item type Standard Book
Loan & ILL Material
  • DVD
  • Talking Books
  • Magazines
Daily fine .25 .25
Maximum fine 5.00 5.00

Overdue books borrowed shall be treated as a block and subject to a maximum fine of $25.00. 
Notification of Overdue: When library materials are overdue more than fourteen business days an letter will be sent to notify the patron. If the library materials are not returned within two weeks, an invoice letter will be sent and library membership will be suspended Services to arrange for the prompt return of materials and payment of any outstanding fines. 
Outstanding patron accounts will be referred to the Director of Library Services.  
All overdue material must be returned and fines addressed before membership is reinstated. The Director of Library Services will meet with patrons having excessive overdue fines to make arrangements for payment and to reinstate membership. 
If materials are lost or damaged so as to be judged by the library as unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the replacement cost plus a $10.00 non refundable re-ordering and processing fee. Items recovered within a three month period can be returned and replacement cost reimbursed, providing the book has not yet been replaced. Full replacement value must be paid or payment arrangements made before privileges will be reinstated. 
3.10 Amnesty Days will be scheduled at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.
4.1 Reference Service Policy
The Gaynor Family Regional Library will provide information in the form of a short answer to specific questions and guidance in locating materials for patrons who appear in person, call on the telephone, or request information through correspondence. 
The Gaynor Family Regional Library will assist patrons in the use of the library and teach basic research methodology and techniques when appropriate. The library will assist in locating materials in the library or through Inter Library Loan.The Gaynor Family Regional Library will use not only resources in printed form but will consult appropriate electronic resources as well as the resources available at other lending institutions and agencies.  
The Director of Library Services can arrange for specific research to be done by the institution upon request with fees for this service to be determined on a case by case basis. Fees will be charged to offset the cost of employee time and library resources. 
4.2 Photocopiers and printers There is a charge of $0.25 for black/white per page, Colour .50 per copy side printed on all printers and copy machines.  
4.3 Interlibrary Loans
There is no charge to patrons for interlibrary loans on books acquired within the province of Manitoba.   If the book is only available out of province, the patron will be advised of the cost.  Their approval will be obtained before the book is ordered.  Any charges levied by a lending institution will be charged to the patron. Payment must be made in full before material can be loaned to the patron. 
4.4 ProgrammingThe person registering and/ or attending a Gaynor Family Regional Library program must have a valid library membership card.

5.1 Smoking is prohibited in The Gaynor Family Regional Library and surrounding property. 
5.2 Meeting RoomsMeeting rooms will be available to profit groups, not for profit groups and government agencies. A not for profit group is defined as a group whose primary function is: participation in a specified recreation, culture, community service or leisure interest; service to the community at large through support of a shared interest which must be managed by a voluntary executive and/or board; and recognized religious institutions. 
Please contact Darlene @ 204-482-3522. 
The Gaynor Family Regional Library will not be responsible for personal injury or damage, nor for the theft or loss of clothing or equipment of the applicant or anyone attending on the invitation of the applicant. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the meeting room and shall see that all regulations contained therein are strictly adhered to.
The applicant will be responsible for payment of all damage costs arising from the misuse of property. 
All exits must be kept free from obstruction. Groups must comply with fire, health and safety regulations. 
Groups wishing to have alcoholic beverages in the Library must seek the permission of the Director of Library Services and must make application to the Liquor Control Board of Manitoba. Fire and building regulations apply. 
All applicants shall leave the room in the same condition in which it was found. The meeting room must be cleaned immediately after the booking (coffee cups, and other garbage removed, chairs straightened, etc.). 
No applicant will store any materials in the room between bookings.
Audio and video equipment, furniture and easels may be used by groups booking the facilities, and requirements must be indicated at least two weeks before meeting. 
The Library Board reserves the right to cancel any booking with a 7 day notice, at which time a full refund will be made. 
Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, up to one year in advance. 
A limit to bookings may be imposed by the Director of Library Services. 
5.3 Selling on PremisesOn each and every occasion, application for permission to sell must be made in writing to the Director of Library Services.  When the Director or Board gives permission for tickets or articles to be sold in the building, the following guidelines shall apply:
  • The participating organization must provide staffing for all hours of operation.
  • All necessary equipment and supplies including change must be provided by the participating organization.The library will supply tables and chairs.
  • The library shall provide space for set up that does not impinge on service or present a hazard to staff, public or visitors.
  • Set up shall be undertaken by the participating organization.
For current hours contact the Library.
Monday - Closed
Tuesday through Friday - 9:30 am - 9:00 pm.
Saturday - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm.
Sunday - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. 

As an official Charitable Organization, tax receipts will be issued upon request for monetary donations. Non-monetary donations normally do not qualify for a tax receipt, but exceptions are possible. 
Gifts of money will be acknowledged if requested and accompanied by a tax receipt.All donations are subject to the collection development policy principles and practices with respect to selectionand discarding.

A complaint to the Chair of the Board must be made in writing care of the Gaynor Family Regional Library. The complainant may be permitted to make a 10 minute presentation of his/her side to the Board and the Board, on consideration of the facts, will render a decision.
These proceedings will be carried out with due dispatch. These Regulations should be read in conjunction with the Operational Policy of the Board and are reviewed annually.